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Video Guidelines/Instructions

Authors must provide a pre-recorded presentation with narration. Your video MUST be in .MP4 format. Files of presentation slides will not be accepted

Video Times (Please read carefully.  If your video does not adhere to the times and format or you will be asked to re-submit).

  • Technical Presentations (Technical Paper Publication and Presentation Only Submissions):
    • 8-10 minutes maximum. 
      • Literature indicates that shorter videos tend to engage the audience better.
      • Videos will be clipped at 9:59.
  • Poster Video Presentations (Poster Paper Publication and Poster Presentation Submission Types):
    • 1 minute maximum.

We strongly recommend using our zoom background and PowerPoint template 

Instructions on How to Record Audio to Your PowerPoint Presentation

We encourage you to add closed captions to your PowerPoint presentation.

IMECE2021 Virtual Conference Tutorial Video